Frequently Asked Questions


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This fact sheet is designed to assist parents/carers with the answers to common questions surrounding the enrolment process at Morayfield State High School. Please read all the enrolment information prior to submitting your application - including, the Pa​rent Handbook, Student BYOX Charter and Laptop Hire Scheme and the Student Subject Guide.​

1. Do I need to complete all the enrolment documents?

Yes, all forms need to be completed and signed, with all appropriate supporting documentation supplied, for your application to be considered. Failure to complete the mandatory sections of the form marked with an (*) or failure to provide the required documentation may result in a refusal to process the application.

2. What does 'Inside Catchment' mean?

Any student whose principal place of residence is within the school's catchment area(s) is (subject to the Act) entitled to enroll at the school.

3. What does 'Outside Catchment' mean?

Any application not meeting the Inside Catchment criteria, is an Outside Catchment application. Enrolment of students from outside the local catchment area is restricted to ensure that enrolments do not exceed the student enrolment capacity.

4. What 'Proof of Address' documentation do I need to supply?

Parents or carers who wish to enrol their student at the school will need to demonstrate that the student's principal place of residence is within the catchment area. Current proof of residency at the address indicated should be provided by way of the following:

·  1x primary source current lease agreement, or rates notice, or unconditional sale contract in parent/carers name.

·  1x secondary source — utility bill (e.g. electricity) showing same address and legal guardian's name.

5. Do I need to provide my Proof of Address documentation even if a sibling attends the school?

Yes, your Proof of Address documents (listed above) are required even if a sibling attends the school. The confirmation of address and presentation of these documents ensures space for all students within the catchment area are catered for.

6. What if I am on a Periodic Lease Agreement that is no longer in date?

If you are on a periodic lease, not within date, a new lease agreement will be required from your real estate agent, land lord, or the Department of Public Works (depending on your housing agent). If a new lease agreement will not be reissued, a letter on official letterhead from your real estate agent or the Department of Public Works will be required to accompany the expired lease to satisfy the enrolment requirements.​

7. What if I do not have the required 'Proof of Address' documents?

If the legal guardian cannot provide Proof of Address documentation (listed above) the Principal will request further proof of residency in the form of a properly sworn statutory declaration from the enrolling parent/carer attesting that the student's principal place of residence is the place nominated in the enrolment application, along with 4 other proof of address documents (please refer to catchment ​information page).

8. Will I need to bring in my student's birth certificate?

Your student's official birth certificate is required to be sighted if your student has never before been enrolled in a Queensland State School. If your student's birth certificate is not in English, a translated copy will be required.

9. If I have court orders, family orders or protection orders do they need to be provided?

Yes, if the orders are within date and the school is required to follow their direction, a copy is required. 

10. Do I need to provide proof of Citizenship?

Yes, if your student is not an Australian Citizen, proof of citizenship will be required. This can be in the form of a citizenship certificate, passport, or a residency document. If having travelled from overseas, please provide a copy of the student's passport and VISA documentation. Please also ensure you have contacted EQI (Education Queensland International – to confirm enrolment eligibility.​

11. What if I am enrolling a student that I am not the legal guardian of?

If a student is in your care through a Departmental arrangement; a court order, or an Authority to Care document will be required to show proof of guardianship. If a student is in your care through a private family arrangement; a sworn Statutory Declaration (signed by a Justice of the Peace) will be required from the legal guardian to state the student resides with you and that you have permission to enrol the student. If this information cannot be supplied, the Principal may need more information to determine enrolment (performing an individual assessment of information provided by the enrolling person).​

12. What information is required for my student to be in the Special Education Unit?

For a student to be in the Special Education Program, a current verification is required. Upon enrolment you are required to supply copies of any medical diagnosis which aided in the verification process and that will assist the Unit in working with your student.

13. Is it compulsory for my student to have a laptop at Morayfield State High School?

From 2023, it is compulsory for all students to have a laptop. This can either be via the Bring Your Own Device program or through the School Laptop Hire Scheme (additional paperwork is required).

14. Is the Student Resource Scheme separate to the Laptop Hire Fee?

Yes, the Student Resource Scheme payment is separate to the Laptop Hire Scheme payment.

15. Is the Student Resource Scheme separate to the Stationery List?

Yes, the Student Resource Scheme is separate to the Stationery List. Stationery Lists for each year level are available late in T​erm 4 each year. You can purchase your stationery at your preferred location (e.g. Officeworks, Office Max).

16. What is the process if my student is moving from interstate?

Firstly, a completed enrolment pack will be required along with all required supporting documentation. Following the presentation of all documentation, a pre-enrolment appointment will be booked with a Guidance Officer to confirm the appropriate year level and to discuss other matters relating to your student. After this appointment, a final enrolment appointment will be booked with the year level Deputy Principal, to finalize the enrolment.

​17. Does my student need a computer?

Yes, all students will need a laptop computer or alternatively devices are available to hire from the school.

Last reviewed 26 July 2023
Last updated 01 March 2023