Bring Your Own Device



What is BYOx

Bring Your Own Device(x) refers to students being able to bring their own personal device and connect it to the Morayfield State High School network.  This is a beneficial system as it allows students to use devices that they are familiar with, and have accessibility to the school network without having to gain access to on of the school computer labs.  Integration of BYOx into a school environment also means that students are able to research and develop their learning skills in each class, as well as have accessibility to learning programs that house lessons, resources and other materials all in one place for each of their subjects.

BYOx and Laptop Hire Scheme

Curriculum programs across Years 7 to 12 at Morayfield State High School rely on digital pedagogy.  Our curriculum is specifically designed for students to engage in authentic learning experiences (face to face and online) focusing on collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and embedding information and communication technologies across all subjects, including feedback and assessment.

With today's access to digital technologies, all students need to have a seamless movement between school and home.  We encourage all students to have a personal device (laptop or iPad) to support their learning.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a key capability of the Australian Curriculum.  Students develop capability in using ICT for tasks associated with information access and management, information creation and presentation, problem-solving, decision-making, communication, creative expression and empirical reasoning - including conducting research, creating multimedia information products, analysing data, designing solutions to problems, controlling processes and devices, and supporting computation while working independently and in collaboration with others.

Two programs exist at Morayfield State High School to support digital teaching and learning:

  • BYOxLink - available to all students (Bring your own device).

Compatible BYOxLink devices are able to be brought into the school and connect to the school's network.  Please refer to the links on this page for further information, including information on how to connect compatible devices from home.

  • Laptop Hire Scheme - available to all students

These devices are school-owned and are centrally managed and monitored while the student is enrolled at Morayfield State High School.  This program has an annual hire fee of $250 in 2023.

Please note - students who take part in either program are required to return the relevant agreement form before connecting and using their device/s.


JB-HIFI – Online School Code: MORAYBYOD2024

School Locker Parents will need to create an account for Morayfield State High School, no school code required

HP – Online


Microsoft Office

All Education Queensland Students have free access to Microsoft Office through their student email addresses.  Software downloads must be completed at home.

Download Microsoft Office 365

​​Please refer to the below documents for information on our BYOx program:

Please refer to the below documents for laptop hire:

Last reviewed 04 March 2024
Last updated 04 March 2024