Year 7 Programs


​​​​2024 Junior Sports Extension (girls specific sports) and Rugby League Extension/Immersion Programs​

Extension Programs

Students accepted into an extension program will have 3 lessons per week allocated to this subject. The Rugby League Extension and Sports Extension Programs are designed to facilitate a healthy mindset that encompasses physical exercise, mental wellbeing and overall personal wellbeing for ourselves and others. Students will have an opportunity to develop their sporting skills across a range of different activities, competitions and be exposed to working with industry professionals to further develop their abilities.

In both classes, they will participate in weekly skill-building lessons that focus on enhancing their coordination, fitness and skills, as well as the development of their technical knowledge. There will also be opportunities to use inquiry-based learning to develop their own game awareness and incorporate this into their performances.

Students involved in our extension classes will maintain a high standard of pride for themselves, their team-mates and their school at all times. They will be expected to uphold the Morayfield SHS values of Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation on a daily basis, as well as when representing the school at competitions and events. Members of these programs will be prepared to reach their full potential through persistence, dedication and hard work.

Students should consider the extension classes if they are passionate about sport and fitness or if they want to develop capabilities to become a leader of future generations. These programs are designed to improve the athletic development of students in any sporting or physical activity context.

As students in the extension classes, they will be required to:

  • Have a passion for Rugby League and have background or previous experience in Rugby League
  • Have demonstrated high involvement in school based/club sport (Sports Extension)
  • Maintain a very high standard of effort and behaviour
  • Maintain attendance above 90%
  • Possess excellent organisational and time-management skills
  • Be team-orientated and able to work collaboratively
  • Complete and participate in all training activities and challenges
  • Attend all incursions and excursions (costs will be associated)
  • Have a positive disposition towards, and strong commitment to, ongoing study and skill development


Extension Activities

Students will have the opportunity to engage in:

  • Competitions and Galas – Struddys Competition, NRL Gala Days, Invitational Events, Trial Matches
  • Incursion experiences with industry professionals and NRL Development Officers
  • Mentoring with Coaches/Teachers
  • Team Building Camp (Year 7 Rugby League Extension Only)
  • Skill development in partnership with other extension programs
  • Sport specific activities e.g. netball and touch (Sports Extension Program)

Those interested in applying for the sport extension programs are required to:

  • Return the application form complete with s​ignatures by the due date
  • Attend the trial day - date to be advised at 3:30pm on the Morayfield State High School Oval

Please Note: There are limited places in extension and immersion programs and that submission of the application form does not mean automatic acceptance into the Program.​

2024 Year 7 Rugby League Extension Program - Expression of Interest Application Form

Please return the completed application form and the supporting documentation to Morayfield State High School or via email: by 3:00pm Friday 13 October, 2023.

2024 SOAR - Student Outstanding Academic Resource Program

Applications for our Student Outstanding Academic Resource (SOAR) Program at Morayfield State High School are now open.

Our SOAR Program focuses on Mathematics, Science, English, and Humanities, while also cultivating crucial 21st-century skills:

  • Digital Technology
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Personal & Social Skills

Teamwork is key in the SOAR class, as students tackle math challenges together and engage in game-based learning.

By joining SOAR, your child will gain not only subject expertise but also the skills vital for success in today's world.

Please note that a minimum of 25 students will need to be selected for the SOAR Program in 2024 for this program to be offered.

To apply, submit the form by Friday, 13 October 2023. For inquiries, contact email Mr Chris Smith, Deputy Principal – ​

2024 SOAR Expression of Interest Application​

2024 ​​Instrumental Music Program

Music is an unique and integral part of life. It has the capacity to inspire all students' creativity and imagination, engage them in the art of expression, immerse them in a language and history that is rich in culture, provide them with opportunities beyond the classroom and excite them about life and learning.

The skills, concepts and attitudes that students acquire as a result of music education benefit them not only during their schooling but also in the years beyond, whatever their chosen career path.

The overarching purpose of the cocurricular Instrumental Music Program is to provide students with the opportunity to become musicians and experience the expressive qualities of music through learning to play a band or orchestral instrument and to participate in performance ensembles such as concert bands and orchestras.

The Queensland State Schools Instrumental Music Program is a comprehensive tuition program in which students learn orchestral or band instruments. It provides an extra dimension to a school music program ensuring that educational outcomes are maximised for all students. It provides the opportunity for musical development of students through instrumental instruction on a group basis and ensemble experience so that students develop ensemble performance skills as an integral part of their music education.

As a compatible and complementary curriculum to that of classroom music, Instrumental Music provides opportunities for greater participation in music education for the whole school community as well as enrichment experiences for gifted and talented students.​

For any students who are interested in learning a musical instrument or continue to build their instrumental skills please see The Arts staff in Q Block for further information or complete the forms below and return to Q Block.

2024 Instrumental Music Program Letter​

2024 Instrumental Music Band Rehearsal Letter

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Last updated 04 March 2024